Saturday, October 12, 1991

LA Guns | Hammerjacks | 10/12/1991

LA Guns 
Tour - Cocked and Loaded
Venue - Hammerjacks 10/12/1991
Attendance - Myself | Rich Flickinger?

What can I say, a typical Hammerjacks experience. Head banging bliss!

Saturday, October 5, 1991

KIX | University of MD | 10/05/1991

Tour - Live album recording
Venue - Ritchie Coliseum University of MD| 10/05/1991
Attendance - Myself | Rich Flickinger

KIX's contractual Live album is Recorded at the University of Marylands Ritchie Coliseum.
This album was recorded live at the University of Maryland's Ritchie Coliseum in October, 1991.
Large crowd
signs stating you are being recorded etc.