Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Sebastian Bach | 18 and Live | RamsHead Live | 07/07/2015

Sebastian Bach 
Tour - 18 and Live
Venue - Rams Head Live, Baltimore, MD | 07/07/2015
Attendance - Myself

Arrived at approx 9pm, very light crowd. It's a Tuesday night
Bach comes on around 9:30, plays to about 11
Opens with one of my favorites Slave to the Grind
Set varies, lots of Skid Row as expected Mixed with 4 songs from Give 'Em Hell. 
Near the end of the night he plays "In a Darkened Room" with a RUSH medley of "Tom Sawyer" in the middle, Wow! What a treat, awesome. Bach worked the small crowd, psyching them and prepping them for what was to come next. I thought he did a great job and sounded good. No idiots in the crowd. everyone got along fine.
Now the sound, all in all for the Ramshead it was OK, the guitar and bass players mics were not loud enough. You can't sing a song as a lead singer and have your chorus come from your players, if we CANNOT hear them! I felt like kicking the sound guy in the ass.
Missed attending with my good friend Rob Lang, he couldn't make it, and he did miss out on a great event. It was awesome to see the original voice of Skid Row belt out the tunes.
You can't be king of the world, if you're slave to the grind!

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Heisinberg Vodka

Being a huge Breaking Bad fan, how could I resist This
I ordered the set for my office, no cinching, might as well have all three! They will go great with my Breaking Bad Barrel Blu-ray set.
I'll post more photos of actual product when it arrives on Friday