Friday, October 2, 2015

KIX | Tally Ho Theater | 10/02/2015

Tour - Rock Your Face Off
Venue - Tally Ho Theater, Leesburg, VA | 10/02/2015
Attendance - Myself | Rob Lang

Was browsing the KIX fans Facebook group and a woman, Christy Boggs, was giving her Friday night tickets away. KIX Fans are the greatest! We worked the details to get the tickets and my longtime good friend, Jim Brown helped me get this done. Jim is a true friend he will do whatever he has to do to help a friend. He did, but getting the tickets for me and even meeting me on the route to the theater so I wouldn't loose travel time. You are the best brother!
With Jim's help, Rob ad I made it to the Leesburg Public House for dinner on schedule. We enjoyed chatting and a nice dinner. After dinner , slightly behind schedule we headed to the theater about a mile and a half away. What a neat little theater snuggled in the middle of downtown Leesburg. Parking right next door, the hour trip was worth it even in the horrid weather, as it rained the entire night.
A more open venue. The sound was some of the best I've heard at a KIX show.
The opening bad had just gone off, and the first KIX song, Mean Miss Adventure was starting as we entered the theater.
The crowd, well behaved and not extremely large was dispersed around the theater giving amble room for everyone that attended.
A great sounding show and over all a fun evening. I would attend another concert at the Tally Ho theater.
On exit from show, I noticed a flyer taped to the inner cafe window. I told Rob to stand by and I'd be right back. I walked back into the theater and grabbed the flyer from the window.
The trip home wasn't as bad as the travel to the event as the time was late.

Some KIX Spoils
The Setlist