Saturday, March 13, 2010

KIX | Ramshead Live | 03/13/2010

Venue - Ramshead Live, Baltimore , MD | 03/13/2010
Attendance - Myself | Rob Lang | Rich Flickinger

This show was originally scheduled for Dec 10,2009 however we recieved a snowstorm that postponed that event to 03/13/10.
Driving home from work and I'm listening to 98 rock and they announce the meet and greet winners for The Ramshead KIX show. WTF they announce my buddy Rich's name! I immediately call him and ask him if he know what has happened, he is clueless. I tell him that he and a guest have won Backstage meet and greet with KIX, his reply "what's up guest!?" YES!
Now he and I have been friends forever and many a fun night and concert events had. We've seen more KIX shows together than I can count (34+)
w Steve Whiteman
Rich w Steve Whiteman

Me & Lang
Lang Lounging
Rich & I