Saturday, December 18, 2010

KIX | Ramshead Live | 12/18/2010

Venue - Ramshead Live | 12/18/2010
Attendance - Myself | Rob lang

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Joe Satriani | Black Swans and Wormhole Wizards |The Strathmore | 12/15/2010

Joe Satriani
Tour - The Wormhole Tour
Venue The Strathmore, Washington DC | 12/15/2010
Attendance - Myself | Rob Lang | Jim Brown

The best and worst night of my life.
The concert, an awesome experience seeing guitars best player, Joe Satriani. We have 3rd row seats for the worlds best guitarist. I am psyched! We arrive early and the venue is beautiful, its a full blown opera house, serving cocktails and an upscale crowd. The show is awesome as we are almost ON the stage. As always a great show by the guitar virtuoso, then the trip home. We leave the event and as we near Arundel Mills, I look over and Rob is sliding down the seat and curling over. I immediately know something is wrong. I ask him "are you OK?" he moans a reply, "no I don't feel that well, I have a pain in my back and i feel like I have to piss and poop" Now I've never been around someone who is passing a Kidney stone, but I immediately know that's what is happening. Our Hardees plan is out the door, but we go there anyways. He is now in agony and I have my meal. "What do you want to do", I ask. We ar at the Hardees right near Hospital Dr. His reply, "I think you better take me to the hospital" I drop the 4Runner into gear and smash the accelerator. We squeal onto Hospital Drive. In minutes we are at the emergency entrance. I jump out and go to the passenger door to help him out, my sandwich still on the driver seat. We go inside and he checks in, there are a few people here.  He states he has to go to the bathroom. He dissapears for 5-7 minutes. When I see him again hes still looking green. I ask him, "did you look at the urine? Was there any blood?" "No I was in so much pan I forgot" he replies. He tells me to go eat. I run to the Runner, and eat as much sandwich as I can in one minute. I bolt back into the Hospital, he is gone, I start looking for him, a guy on the floor recognizes that I am now panicking and he says, "They took him back" I thank him for the info and I go back to te nether regions of the hospital. They have him in a bed. I sit with him and tell him it will be OK and that I think it's a stone. We wait, hours. They finally dismiss us at 04:30 and we head to the all night pharmacy at the end of Hospital Drive for pain meds. We arrive home at daybreak 05:00 and get to bed. I awake at 08:00 to check on Rob and he has slept. I know neither one of us will ever forget this night.