Thursday, November 12, 2015


I've still got a ton of KIX Concerts to add to the blog. Most everything else I've attended has been added
Please be patient while I track and scan over 2 decades full of KIX shows

Monday, November 9, 2015

Joe Satriani | Shockwave Supernova | Lincoln Theater | 04/02/2016

Celebrating 30 Years of Mind Bending Guitar Daredevilry!
Joe Satiani
Tour - Surfing to ShockwaveShockwave Supernova
Venue - Lincoln Theater, Washington DC |04/02/2016
Attendance - Myself | Rob Lang

The guitar god is coming on tour to support his new Shockwave Supernova album.
Yes we have the tickets, 10th row center.

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Tommy Katona & Texas Flood | Club 66 | 11/07/2015

Tommy Katona & Texas Flood

Tommy Katona & Texas Flood
Tour - 
Venue - Club 66 Edgewood, MD | 11/07/2015
Attendance - Myself | George Rose Jr. | Uncle Vince

The first thing I'll say is WOW! What a great night! 
Texas Flood has become one of the premier blues bands in all of North Texas. Evolving from the original tribute to Stevie Ray Vaughan, Texas Flood pays tribute to the legends as well as the future of the blues through their own music and style. With an in-your-face show and raw high energy playing Tommy Katona takes the listener on a journey through the blues.
Met up with George and his Uncle Vince. Everyone is in a good relaxed mood. We chat and cheers to the start of a fun evening. We are all ready for some great music and a good time. They guy's in Texas Flood are the nicest most down to earth people you will meet. They Jam! Put your seat belt on. Do not pass up a chance to see Texas Flood! 
They are a Stevie Ray Vaughan cover band and cover a lot of different artists blues. Stevie Ray Vaughan, Blues, Led Zeppelin, what a treat. All the SRV classics are played with the greatest details, a Led Zeppelin medley rocks the middle of the show. The band even works their way into the crowd mere feet away from us while jamming. Quitting time is usually at 11pm, however the band didn't seem to notice the time. Dave Rode got up and grabs the clock off the wall and sets the clock back to 10:30, The band continues on till midnight! Good crowd, not large but well behaved. After the show its time for photos and chatting with the band. All in all a great evening at Maryland's best venue!

Me and Tommy Katona, Guitar
Me and Steve Buckner, Bass 
Me and Travis Montoya, Drums

Me and Dave Rode, Club 66 owner