Thursday, May 5, 2016

Megadeth | Dystopia World Tour 2016 | Fillmore Silver Spring

Megadeth Dystopia wtix

Megadeth 2016
Tour Dystopia World Tour
Venue | Date Fillmore Silver Spring | 05/05/2016
Attendance Myself | Gary Gribble | Keith

Gay and Keith arrive shortly after 6. We have a few slices of pizza and we toast a shot of fireball for the start of a great evening. a little relaxing and some catching up and we are off.  We arrive at the Fillmore, and it is crowded. Lots of Iron Maiden t-shirts! Bathroom and beer breaks and off to scout a place to stand. We locate a spot on the second level with a fairly good view. Megadeth comes on after the opening band. Hangar 18 is the opener, the crowd is pumped (setlist below) A fun night with what I consider to be a great setlist. Thanks to Gary Gribble and Keith for spending the evening with me. A great time!

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IMG_1726 Megadeth 2016 Setlist Dystopia World Tour 2016 Filmore Theater copy