Saturday, December 20, 2014

Friday, December 19, 2014

Joe Satriani Chrome Dome

One of the worlds best guitarist, and one of my personal favorites, Joe Satriani. Here is his Chrome Dome 24 bit/96k complete studio album flac set. Another limited edition item for my office.
I would like to thank those that donated so I could get this gift. This sounds fantastic through a great pair of headphones. What a treat and a nice Christmas present for me.
Article on Chrome Dome set.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Crack the Sky | Ramshead | 11/29/2014

Crack the Sky 
Venue - Rams Head Live | 11/29/2014
Attendance - Myself | Rob Lang

Our second viewing of Crack the Sky. yesterdays show at Club 66 was way more intimate and better sounding than The Ramshead concert.
Same setlist as previous nights Club 66 show, larger crowd. Typical Ramshead.

Crack The Sky | Ramshead Live | 11/29/2014

Crack The Sky
Venue - Ramshead Live 11/29/2015
Attendance - Myself | Rob Lang

This is the night after our first time visit to club 66. Typical Ramshead. Nowhere near as fun as the previous night. CTS was good, but the venue was not as pleasant as Club 66.

Friday, November 28, 2014

Crack The Sky | Club 66 | 11/28/2014

Crack the Sky 11/28/2014
Venue - Club 66
Attendance - Myself | Rob Lang | Trish Ruberg

What a great evening! First off the Venue. I was turned on to this private club by one of my clients.  A truely great man, George Rose Jr. I am blessed to work for George I was working one day and George overhead me talking about a Crack the Sky concert that I was attending at Ramshead Live. He asked me if the event I was going to was on a Saturday evening. I told him yes it was. George then proceeded to tell me about this gem of a Club, and the story that Crack the Sky will play here always on a Friday before a Saturday show. Damn if he wasn't right. I started looking for info and sure enough, CTS was playing at Club 66. I called the club a few times before I finally got through. They told me tickets were on sale and that only a limited number were being sold. I asked George if he would pick the tickets up for me, the club is near his home. I offered to run to the bank to get him the cash, he said "Don't worry about it we can square up later." On the night of the event he even met us at the park and ride to deliver the tickets!  What a treat! Rob and I left my house to pick up Trish and away we went with our cooler in the rear of the 4Runner. When we arrive there was ample parking and we sat in the runner until the doors opened. We lugged our cooler inside to steaked our spot for the evenings activities. Upon entering, sitting at the front near the ticket collector was John Palumbo. Eventually we mustered up the courage to take a photo of him with Trish. Now, the venue, what a dream of a place, a small old wooden garage with a fireplace and a stage. The crowd was older and mature, very friendly and everyone was enjoying themselves. The band hits the stage and the evening festivities commence.
The show was very good and being with two close fiends made the evening as good as it gets.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Judas Preist | Redeemer of Souls | Pier 6 | 10/24/2014

Judas Priest 
Tour - Redeemer of Souls
Venue - Pier Six, Baltimore, MD | 10/24/2014
Attendance - Myself | Rob Lang | Gary Gribble

The Priest come to rock Baltimore!
Rob Lang, Gary Gribble in attendance.
The boys belt it out in grand metal style. For an older man Rob Halford still has it! A great setlist. A great time was had.
Special thanks to my wife Lisa for dropping us off and picking us up.
We are defenders of the faith...