Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Ed Fore One Model 757

Been wanting one of these Iron Maiden ED Force One Model planes from the Somewhere Back In Time Tour 2008 – 2009 forever. They are hard to locate and they are expensive. I struck a deal with a fellow Iron Maiden fan from the UK who was advertising a mint condition unit. I paid $5 more than I wanted to, but if the unit arrives as described, it will be worth it. A few conversations later and a PayPal transaction. I am the proud owner of one. It’s left the UK heading to New York right now. I am excited. More when It arrives.

EF1 EF12

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Ed Force One Has Landed

Ed Force one BOS FT Lauderdale

Iron Maiden has taken delivery of the new “Ed Force One” 747. The Book Of Souls World Tour Kicks off in Florida on Feb 24th. Track Ed Force One | www.Flightradar24.com | TF-AAF

Book Of souls Ed Force One Ed Force One - Band Has a Bus
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10669267_10153295696287051_4601787765515930007_o edforceone_infographic

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Happy Birthday RUSH “Moving Pictures” LP


\m/ 35 years! Happy Anniversary \m/
February 12, 1981:
Rush released their Moving Pictures album.


Friday, February 12, 2016

Crack the Sky | Tally Ho Theater | 02/12/2016

Crack the Sky Tally Ho

Crack the Sky
Tour - Beauty of Nothing
Venue - Tally Ho | 02/12/2016
Attendance - Myself | Rob Lang

What a great night. Started the night with a shot of Fireball, then some Deep Eddy Ruby Red. That stuff is delicious. Time to hit the road! Road trip to Leesburg for dinner and another great Crack the Sky show at The Tally Ho Theater. We listened to a new to us guitarist on the way, Charlie Parra, from Peru. Dining was at the Leesburg Public House, one of Leesburgs finest places to eat. We sat at the bar for faster service on a crowded night, as we were running late. After Dinner off to the show. As usual the band performed in their unique style. Not a large crowd. We stood up front right with the band. Of course the band recognized us. A great night as usual with my good friend, Rob Lang. After the show a picture with Bobby as he came to greet us.
IMG_1144 IMG_1146 IMG_1142
IMG_1132 IMG_1087 IMG_1099
IMG_1131 IMG_1112 IMG_1137
IMG_1102 IMG_1141 IMG_1135
IMG_1109 IMG_1117 IMG_1122
IMG_1134 IMG_1126 IMG_1143

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Reagan Years | Tally Ho | 02/06/2016

The Reagan Years
Tour - 80's Cover
Venue - Tally Ho | 02/06/2016
Attendance - Myself | Lisa Brown

If you grew up when I did, the 80's, you will remember so much great music and a great time to growing up. This is what the Reagan Years is supposed to recapture.
Not as good a show as I was anticipating. They actually murdered some of the best covers from the 80’s. Lets put it this way, on the way home I so wanted to shuffle all the songs they played just to hear how they were supposed to be done. I don’t know if they were having an “off Night” or what. The show was sold out and the crowd seemed pumped. I wouldn’t drive this distance again to see them. I would give them one more chance closer to home however. My wife was turned off by the lead singer’s flaunting of chest, muscles and thrusting. I don’t know if that's his show for the show, but whatever. Supposedly this band has played together for over 20 years. I don’t know if its just me or I am super finicky, but they didn't sound like they played that long together, I expected a bit more.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Happy Birthday Iron Maiden “Killers” LP

Today  02/02/2016 Iron Maidens Killers LP Turns  35. Happy anniversary to Iron Maiden and the Killers LP.
Killers is the second album by English heavy metal band Iron Maiden, released on 2 February 1981 The album was their first with guitarist Adrian Smith and their last with vocalist Paul Di'Anno, who was sacked after problems with his stage performance arose due to his alcohol and cocaine use.This was also the first Iron Maiden album made with veteran producer Martin Birch, who went on to produce their next eight albums before retiring after Fear of the Dark in 1992.
The song "Wrathchild" is the only regularly played track from the album, appearing in almost all their concert tours.