Saturday, January 16, 2016

Crack the Sky | Club 66 | 01/15/2016



Crack the Sky
Tour - The Beauty of Nothing
Venue - Club 66 | 01/15/2016
Attendance - Myself | Rob Lang

As always, a fun time at Maryland's premier concert venue, Club 66
Crack the Sky returns with the return of John Palumbo.
Let me start off by saying that John didn't look well or strong at all. By evening end he was sitting down while he played.
Evening started with Rob coming over, we headed out for a relaxing evening with dinner before the show. We hit the Taco Love grill in White Marsh for delicious fresh Mexican cuisine. I don't know if Rob was more impressed with the meal or the fact that we could bring our own drinks in. Delicious fare. After dinner, off to the show. Its raining by now and we are slightly behind schedule, not a big deal. We arrive to Club 66 a little after 7:00 pm.
There was an opening band. Crack the Sky hits the stage, and the show is on. A good setlist and the treat of the evening comes at the end of the evening. Surf City with a David Bowie Medley in the middle: Rebel Rebel | Jean Genie | Fame | Suffragette City.

A great evening, but the best comes last. Photo ops with the band, the entire band minus John Palumbo

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