Friday, February 12, 2016

Crack the Sky | Tally Ho Theater | 02/12/2016

Crack the Sky Tally Ho

Crack the Sky
Tour - Beauty of Nothing
Venue - Tally Ho | 02/12/2016
Attendance - Myself | Rob Lang

What a great night. Started the night with a shot of Fireball, then some Deep Eddy Ruby Red. That stuff is delicious. Time to hit the road! Road trip to Leesburg for dinner and another great Crack the Sky show at The Tally Ho Theater. We listened to a new to us guitarist on the way, Charlie Parra, from Peru. Dining was at the Leesburg Public House, one of Leesburgs finest places to eat. We sat at the bar for faster service on a crowded night, as we were running late. After Dinner off to the show. As usual the band performed in their unique style. Not a large crowd. We stood up front right with the band. Of course the band recognized us. A great night as usual with my good friend, Rob Lang. After the show a picture with Bobby as he came to greet us.
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IMG_1131 IMG_1112 IMG_1137
IMG_1102 IMG_1141 IMG_1135
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