Sunday, August 2, 2015

Faith No More | Sol Invictus | Merriweather | 08/02/2015

Faith No More
Tour - Sol Invictus
Venue - Merriweather Post Pavilion, Columbia, MD | 08/02/2015
Attendance - Myself | Rob Lang

What is It!?

Arrived at Merriweather, on a beautiful evening, warm but comfprtable. Sat in the car and caught up Enter the pavilion, familiarized ourselves with the surroundings . Rob grabbed a beer. We located our seats. Opening band was "Refused" Listen to most of their set. Went on beer run at last song. people watch till FNM set. Head back to our seats and the stag is almost setup for the band. A white set with flowers adorning amps and equipment. 9:30 they hit the stage. All members dresses in white or white suits. Tonight we are going to try something different, Lisa has let me borrow here iPhone 6+ for this evenings pictures. I am done with this Galaxy S3 when it comes to documenting my concert experience via photo. We will see later today if the pictures turn out. Well the pictures turned out way bettr than my crappy S3.
They open with something from "The Real Thing" the title track itself.
A few older songs, then the highlight of the evening, "Epic" This song alone made the concert worth attending. The crowd pumped! In my opinion, if its all they played it would have been a great night! All in all a great night and fun time!

Rob and I Seated

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