Tuesday, August 18, 2015

ZZ Top | Grooves and Gravy | Wolf Trap | 08/18/2015

ZZ Top
Tour - Grooves and Gravy
Venue - Wolftrap, Vienna, VA | 08/18/2015
Attendance - Myself | Rob Lang

We bad, we nationwide...
Wow what a great evening! Weather, perfect mid 70's. This was my first trip to Wolf Trap and let me say, it was a beautiful venue. Merriweather-esque, but way more upscale. We had great seats. Wolf Trap is an hour from my house with NO traffic. Being as the doors open at 7 and with the DC beltway at rush hour, that trip would easily turn into a 2 hour minimum. So we used the Orange line from New Carrollton, to West Falls Church. We boarded the train at 6:05 pm and exited the train close to 7. Unfortunately for Rob, when he entered the train he had to go to the bathroom. I've never seen a restroom at any metro stop. When we arrived at West Falls Church, there weren't any there either. He made his own rest area after being uncomfortable for almost an hour. Twenty minutes later the Wolf Trap shuttle picked us up and transported us to the venue. Once at the venue, its off to the will call window. Get the feel of the venue and grab a bite to eat and some drinks. The opener, Blackberry smoke plays, we hear, but do not go to our seats. We head to our seats after the Blackberry Smoke set about 9:00 pm. Our seats were not together. Rob swaps his seat for a seat next to mine. We are located to the left of the soundboard. The show starts about 9:25. They play all the classics and the crowd is excited. Show ends about 10:45, we head to and board our bus. Bus exits at 11, and we are off to the West Falls Church Metro station. We board the New Carrollton train at 11:30. We arrive home at close to 1 am. We are both hungry, but at 1 o'clock one a Wednesday morning there will be no place on our trip home to eat. We stop at Donut Shack and get a dozen to tide us over. We arrive home. A great time and a great evening!

Foxey Lady

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